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We are Hamburg based consultants providing project management and engineering services for all kinds of offshore projects in the wind and oil & gas business.

In the following a short overview about WSC GmbH managing partner’s experience is provided.

Dr. Fabian Wilke

Fabian Wilke has a doctoral degree (Dr.-Ing.) in civil engineering as well as an education as business economist. He has over 15 years professional experience, thereof more than 12 years in project and engineering management of offshore projects.

After having graduated he has gained practical design and management experience working in major consulting and construction companies. He has expertise in the design of various engineering works such as bridges, foundations and offshore structures. Furthermore, Fabian Wilke is highly experienced in tender and risk management for large scale projects. He also has gained vast management experience in all kinds of construction projects.

Fabian Wilke achieved his doctor degree from the Leibniz University Hannover with his thesis titled "Load Bearing Behaviour of Grouted Joints Subjected to Predominant Bending".

As Head of the Engineering Department at the Offshore Logistics Company, a subsidiary of a German utility, he has led multi-disciplinary teams with a ‘best for project focus’. He is sensitive to the value attached to different designs and is particularly experienced in providing cost-effective engineering solutions for challenging projects. He is familiar with the implementation of processes and methods currently being used in offshore engineering into day-to-day operation and organization.

Fabian Wilke has been involved in the cutting-edge research in structural and material engineering of grouted joint connections for offshore structures. In addition, he has been participating actively in research projects related to offshore operations, aiming to mitigate pile driving noise as well as to increase efficiency of jack-up-vessel operations.

Beside his distinct knowledge about the technical feasibility of innovative solutions, his business economist degree enables him to optimize your project also in its contractual-commercial aspects.

For further details please visit his LinkedIn profile.

Ingo Schiele

Ingo Schiele is a graduated civil engineer (Dipl.-Ing. FH) with 13 year experience in engineering and project management, thereof more than 4 years in the offshore business.

Ingo has a strong academic background, with years of experience in the design and construction of major infrastructure and energy projects world-wide. His broad technical engineering experience covers large span bridges and structures for offshore wind farms. As a Project Manager he has track record of leading multi-disciplinary teams with a ‘best for project focus’ and for being a pro-active leader to ensure both technical quality and the successful and timely delivery of the project.

Furthermore, Ingo Schiele has a distinct technical understanding of the structural engineering principals and a broad base of experience covering all phases of design development for complex structures, from feasibility studies to detailed design and independent checking, construction engineering and project management.

As he has worked for both an engineering consultancy company and an employer he brings to his projects a strong understanding of all design and construction processes and is recognized for his ability to develop technically challenging designs around sound and practical construction methodologies.

Having worked many years in the international construction business, his commercial sensitiveness combined with his technical competence allows him to develop innovative solutions for your project even in a challenging environment.

For further details please visit his LinkedIn profile.

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